é?á? Kindness

    Last Monday,we had a school meeting and our headmasterspoke highly of a kind boy,whose name is LiHua.The boyis a Junior high school student.we all respect him very much because of hiskindness.


    One day, LiHua went to school by bus asusual. when he was ready to get on the bus,he saw a thief stealing a woman'swallet,and there is a knife in his hand. LiHua was afraid that the thief would hurtother people on the bus. Suddenly, a good idea came to his mind. He walked tothe woman and said" Mum,I want to use your mobilphone''. Soon, the womanrealized what happened and replied,"ok, I will give it to you". The drivernoticed the thief. He drived the bus to the police station. At last, the thief was undercontrol. Later, the woman sent a letter to our school to express her thanksto L【推荐阅读:爱的文章,欢迎访问爱短文网,Www.iduanWen.cC,专注短文学,爱情、伤感、情感短文的经典短文章网站】i Hua.

    Though I am a senior high schoolstudent, I cant do as well as LiHua. His kindness touched me,including all of you. As we all  know, a kind heart is important for everyone. Kindness can make theworld more beautiful and more lovable. In other words, if the world is acup,kindness is like cofee, which makes the world meaningful.  


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