The Lovely Campus of Our University我们充满活力的大学校园

    Our university is known as a garden university.Its beau【推荐阅读:情感短文章,欢迎访问爱短文网,WWw.Iduanwen.cC,专注短文学,爱情、伤感、情感短文的经典短文章网站】ty is beyond description.
    Everywhere you can see clumps of trees with extending branches and twigs.The classroom buildings are buried in trees.Through overgrown leaves parts of their windows and walls peep out.In the foliage birds are heard singing melodiously.There are flower-beds and lawns where green leaves set off beautiful flower over which butterflies fly to and fro,Some paths are flanked by towering trees.Others are lined up by well-pruned lower plants.Taking a stroll along a path is a pleasant pastime.The air is heavily loaded with fragrance,and is a gentle breeze you feel freshness in your heart.In the dominant greenness of the campus,you meet students full of vigor,and you see teacher's faces wearing a happy smile.

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