My wish我的愿望(三)

   If I had a boat,I would sail away across the seven seas,wandering and drifting as I went to see the world.I have loved the sea ever since I was a small child.I often strolled along the beach,all alone,and gazed into the blue horizon,wishing that I could be there.
   Some day,if my wish came true,I would sail alone on a never-ending journey,with only the sunny blue sky and the peacefully calm sea as my companion.I knew I would not be lonely,because there would be the sea breezes bumming me a lullaby and carrying a salty spray on to my face.
   And even when there was a storm,I would face it bravely as if with a challenge;I should prove myself a man of strong will and power.Oh,life should be an adventure!

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